Sunday, July 15, 2007

Mobility and connectivity kills creativity?

An interesting read, along similar lines, which I recommend you check out – “The world was our office” from FT. Its about mobility and communication.

It relates about the challenge put forth to two managers from a digital company, Enable. They were supposed to work entirely off their mobile devices for 1 week. I am not going to summarize Matt Connolly and Darius Pocha’s experience but instead extend an invitation for you to share your thoughts with me (so please read the article).

We all claim to be ‘mobile’, connected and reachable anytime whether to a client, your company or even friends. But is being mobile, really the way to effectively run a business? Strangely, similar to what the two faced in their 1 week challenge, the main issues people faced were battery life and preparation time. Have you noticed whenever you go on a holiday or business trip, you spend a considerable amount of time packing cables, batteries and chargers for all your devices. When you forget 1 cable, it can drive you insane! Let’s hope our prayer for a all-in-one charger or cable solution comes along soon.

The second take away for me is the relation between productivity and connectivity. We tend to mistake quality with quantity, urgent with important. Focus on quality not quantity, deliver what is important, not urgent. It’s simple as that!

Is it the same with connectivity? Are we really more productive when we are reachable 24 by 7? During my fight back from Beijing in a plane, I was so glad not have any internet or mobile phone connections. That gave me some precious space and time to think, to plan, to clear my minds on what I wanted to do next.

I think we should start a new campaign called ‘get unwired’. We are fast becoming prisoners of technology and connectivity. Just like drug addicts, we go through withdrawal symptoms without these devices. 

Let's not sacrifice the level of service we deliver to our clients, let's take the time to think.

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