Friday, May 25, 2007

PSP Remote functionality

One new feature of the Sony PS3-PSP ecosystem is called PSP Remote.

As you could imagine, it is a way to control your PS3 through your PSP. Imagine that you could have all the content of your PS3 on your PSP. This is exactly what offers you the PSP Remote feature.

So, how does that work ? First you need to download the lastest firmware on both PS3 and PSP. Then, you have to 'pair' the two units together using an USB cable. After selecting the PS3 Remote option on the main unit, you just have hook up your PSP on any free access WiFi hotspot and select the same option.

Automatically, the PSP will then go on line, and granted you accedd to the PS3 interface.

I was able to watch trailers and preloaded video on my PSP directly from the PS3. This is a great option if you want to use your PSP as a media player while your PS3 is used as a media server. You can as well shop on the Sony PlayStation Store.

Unfortunately, I was not able to play preloaded games (even the arcade games) nor was I able to stream DVD.

I have to admit I was quite positively surprised. Sony is trying to engage consumers both from a mobility and living room prospective and it is about to succeed.

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