Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wii-volution your life

Wii-volution your life

When the gaming industry was buzzing with the launch a new revolutionary entertainment device from Nintendo, I view it with some skepticism. After all, I was left slightly disappointment with the release of recent gaming console. It was not because they were not were not good but more due the hype played out in the industry.

In fact, when Nintendo finally released Wii, I became even more skeptical even after some of my friends kept raving about how cool and fun it was. While passing through an IT mall, I watch a demo and decided to risk buying a set for myself. Mind you, I did this with as much skepticism.

This skepticism has been replaced with a greater amount of admiration for Nintendo. Over the last decade, Nintendo has continued to innovate and differentiate itself while others compete for technology supremacy.

Each gaming product tried to convince you that it was the right entertainment for you. However, they focused on technology rather than the real customer needs. What we got were mobile gaming devices with possibly color screens with 3D capabilities but were subjected to poor battery life spans and limited games. Nintendo understood this and survived with its GameBoy and successor products.

Nintendo’s Wii is not only cheaper than other major gaming consoles but comes with a gesture-control motion sensor. For those not familiar, it means that instead of controlling a character on the screen through a game pad, you physically perform the action in front of the screen. You can probably understand the reason for my skepticism now. Amazingly, Wii really works as claimed. The magic is not the technology but more in how Nintendo has applied. They have introduced a completely new level of excitement and fun to gaming.

It is only in recent time times that gaming has become a family entertainment activity. In the past, many considered it to be disruptive as the traditional approach was where you either played alone or with a virtual body online.

Go try a game like Rayman. You will have so much fun with your friends trying to throw a cow or dance to the rhythm of Kill Bill music that it will generate new feelings, new emotions and most importantly you will have a great time.

Trust me…. Nintendo will Wii-volution your life.

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Anonymous said...

Yup, people play games for fun, to relax, not only for excitment nor visual fulfillment.